Calligraphy is an art form that is both elegant and timeless. If you want to start learning this beautiful art but don’t know where to start, Writey is here to help. You can learn calligraphy right from your iPad with your Apple Pencil, without ever leaving your couch. But why Writey? Keep on reading and you’ll find out!


The Calligraphy section of Writey is designed to help you learn calligraphy step by step. The section is divided into different parts that cover the basics of calligraphy and eventually progress to the more advanced parts such as writing words.




Start with the basics of calligraphy – the strokes. From curves to loops and lines, we’ve covered all the essentials. This is a crucial part of the process that’ll get your hands used to making the shapes just right.


Start from the beginning and draw each stroke with the exact direction and tracing on the app. If you find them difficult to draw, just take a break and start again. Focus on the ones you find harder since it’s important to master the strokes before you get to the alphabet.




When you’re done with the training, it’s time to start forming letters. In the alphabet section, you’ll get the hang of how to shape each letter correctly and learn how to write their uppercase and lowercase forms. Plus, you’ll figure out the right direction and tracing sequence for each letter.


Imagine you’re learning to write the uppercase “R.” First, pay attention to the sample of the letter “R” in the app and observe its structure, including the tracing sequence and direction of the lines. Then, practice tracing the sample letter. As you become more comfortable with the letter, try to write it on your own first by looking at the example and then without looking.


Focus on keeping the lines as smooth and neat as possible. Repeat the process of tracing and writing the letter until you feel confident with your technique. The more you write the letter, the more natural and fluid it will become.




Alright, now that you’ve got the basics of writing the alphabet down, it’s time to start writing words. Check out the Calligraphy section for a bunch of words to practice with. Start by tracing the words, then give it a shot on your own. Writey always has more words for you to play around with, so make sure to keep coming back for more words.


For example, if you want to write the word “queen,” pay attention to the example’s tracing, direction, and connectors to learn how to write the word. Once you have studied the example, it’s time to start practicing on your own in the lines without tracing the example.


Keep practicing until you feel confident in your ability to write the words. The app has a lined paper-like space, allowing you to practice writing the word over and over until you’ve mastered it. Writey also lets you practice as many times as you need.


Tip: If you ever forgot the right tracing sequence for an alphabet in a word, go back to the alphabet section and practice it again.




Writing numbers can be a bit of a challenge, but you’ll be able to nail those digits in no time. Just keep practicing each number, from zero to nine, over and over again, and soon enough, they’ll be a permanent part of your calligraphy style.


For example, writing the number 3 in Calligraphy can be quite challenging because it involves knowing how to draw a stroke, curve, and loop. If you feel like it’s difficult for you to draw them, focus a little more on the training section and practice the simple strokes, then come back to the numbers with more confidence.


If you want to improve your handwriting or learn cursive writing, don’t worry about messing up. You can try as much as you like. It’s all about putting in the time and effort. Start by practicing every day, doing simple exercises like tracing letters and writing the alphabet over and over.


Whether you’re looking to learn calligraphy or master your calligraphic skills, the calligraphy section of Writey is a great place for you. Just make sure to work through each section in order and pay close attention to the way each letter is written. Good luck!