A Special Writey Update!

We’ve got some fantastic news for you – Writey just got a major update, and we can’t wait to share all the cool new features:

Why This Update is Great

  • New Look: A vibrant new icon
  • 3D Shapes Course: Learn and practice drawing 3D shapes.
  • New Drawing Patterns: Two new bundles with exciting styles.
  • Enhanced Experience: Under-the-hood improvements for smoother usage.

New Icon


New Writey Icon


First off, let’s talk about the fresh new look. We’ve rolled out a brand new app icon and polished up the Writey logo. It features a vibrant purple background that really makes it pop and the bright yellow “W” with a playful twist, gives the app a fun and fresh vibe. It’s the same Writey you love, but with a stylish upgrade.


Learn to Draw 3D Shapes

One of the biggest highlights of this update is the 3D Shapes course. This is great for those of you looking to improve your drawing skills. You can now learn how to draw various 3D shapes and practice their name and how to write them. This course will help you improve your drawings skills.

New Drawing Patterns


But that’s not all! We’ve added two new drawing pattern bundles. These bundles come with fresh styles for you to explore. They’re perfect for when you want to unwind, get creative, and enjoy some relaxing drawing time.


Under-the-Hood Improvements

under the hood improvements

We’ve also made several improvements behind the scenes to make sure your experience with Writey is smoother and more enjoyable. These improvements might not be visible, but they ensure that everything runs perfectly as you explore all the new features.

We’re thrilled about these updates and think you will be too. So go ahead, update your app, and try all the new features.