iPad has become a popular tool for everyone because of its portability and powerful features. The good news is Writey and your iPad are a perfect combination for taking your writing game to the next level, whether you already have good handwriting or just starting out.


Let’s take a closer look at Writey’s features and how they can help you simply improve your handwriting or better yet learn an art form.

Writey is here to help you improve your handwriting and change those hard-to-read sentences into aesthetically pleasing words. So if you’ve ever wanted to change the way you write but lacked the necessary tools or courage, today’s the day! Let’s start this journey together, and we’ll have your back every step of the way!

The app works as a handwriting book and so it has the advantage of using a stylus, so you never waste any paper and practice as much as you like.

Writey help you produce clear, crisp, and beautiful notes. It helps us preserve what is special in the old and embrace what is innovative in the new.


How You Can Improve Your Handwriting?


In Writey you have the freedom to choose the style of handwriting you feel more comfortable with from these four handwriting styles:



Elementary Handwriting
This is the very first step of your handwriting journey. With this style, you’ll learn how to write simple, legible letters. Individual, disconnected letters, with a focus on consistent letter size, spacing, and alignment.

Since nowadays kids spend a lot of time on iPads or iPhones, this section can also be a great start for them. It would be really easy to trace the training and the alphabet in the app with their fingers, even if they don’t have a stylus. Don’t forget to enable “Draw with Finger” from the tools options if you need it.


If you think your handwriting isn’t as clear as it should be or you want to learn from the beginning, you should use this section to learn how to write correctly.


But if you are using these apps to help a child with their handwriting, it’s beneficial to give them a stylus to use. Not only will they be practicing their letter formations but also help them with their grip and posture which is important for handwriting.

Print Writing
There are two sections in Writey for print writing, Print Writing 1 and Print Writing 2. In this style, letters are written in a clear, simple, and consistent manner, with each letter distinct and separate from the others.

Now that you have learned the correct form of writing in the first step. You enter the Print Writing 1 section.

After continuous exercises with different kinds of letters, words, and numbers, you can enter Print Writing 2, which is a little italic and more advanced.


Don’t forget to constantly check Writey, because we keep adding more words so that you can develop and improve your handwriting along with it.




Cursive Writing

Cursive writing is a more advanced writing style that involves connecting letters in a flowing, connected manner. It’s typically faster than print writing because the letters are joined together and there is less lifting of the pen or pencil.


When your handwriting improves and you feel more confident, you can start the cursive writing section.


You may have seen many famous quotes in cursive. Now it’s time you grab your stylus and learn to create these eye-catching, beautiful words with Writey.




At this step, you’re skilled enough to think about Calligraphy. Whichever path you’re on (brand new to calligraphy or a paper calligrapher who’s taking things digital), there’s no right or wrong way to get into the calligraphy section of Writey.


The good news is that we cover many languages such as:

English Handwriting, French Handwriting, German Handwriting, Italian Handwriting, Chinese Handwriting, Ukrainian Handwriting and Japanese Handwriting


And more languages are on the way.


Now that you know how Writey can improve your handwriting, start practicing and take your handwriting to the next level.